White Magic Samoyeds

Samoyeds are happy wherever they go or live.

About the Samoyed Breed


Samoyeds - The World's Best-Kept Secret!!

If you are planning to introduce a new pet Samoyed into your home, indulge yourself for a moment. The last thing you want is a disruption even if it is a new puppy!

In business we say the most important element to a successful business is "location", "location", "location". When purchasing a Samoyed you want "Temperament", Temperament, Temperament!

First you are attracted to the beauty of a White Magic Samoyed, and then come that second important quality, the Temperament. These important characteristic's White Magic Samoyed puppies possess!

A Fit for Every Lifestyle

Samoyeds can and do fit into every lifestyle you can imagine. They live in the suburban, big Cities like NY City in Manhattan where they live in apartments, the countryside, and even on boats!! What appears to be a large dog, is actually a medium size dog ranging from 35 to 45 lbs. in females and 48 to 60 lbs. in the males.. They appear big due to their beautiful coats, big bone structure and long beautiful necks.

If you live an active life, your Samoyed will live an active life, if you sled, they will sled, if you hike, they will hike, if you like to watch movies, they will watch movies, if you like to work and play on the computer, well, they will play with themselves! They are quite entertaining and love to love you. It's quite simple actually. The Samoyed was truly bred as a companion dog to love and care for you the best possible way they can, and they deserve all of that back from us in the best way that we can.

Samoyeds make excellent Service Dogs for all ages including PTSD, Seizure and Diabetic alert dogs. One of our beautiful female Samoyeds named "Sugar" is a Diabetic alert dog for the families 7 year old daughter, she knew her job even before professional training at 4 months of age and alerted the family that the little girls diabetic pump was not working!

Samoyeds are Very Smart

They are smart, not always easy to train due to being smarter than us! I highly recommend for those new Samoyed Families to read and understand Cesar Millan's way of training and working with your dog. I am absolutely on the same page and theory of Cesar and his amazing way of putting things in easy Layman's terms.

Better Watch Dogs than Guard Dogs

Is the Samoyed a guard dog? NO, but they are quite good watch dogs as again they love to watch over you and their home. I fear if I was ever robbed, my Sam's would show the burglar where everything is, but their impressive size would scare off even the experienced robber from wanting to enter your home.

Hypo-Allergenic Dogs

The Samoyed is hypo allergenic, for those of you who have allergies, odorless, and they are gentle for the young and old. They make amazing Therapy dogs and they eat sleep and breathe for children. Yes they do have big coats, but so do the golden retriever, the poodle and the all too popular DOODLE!


The doodle is a must groom dog like the poodle, the Samoyed is a must brush or blow out as I say dog! With a little proper training on how to hold a dryer, a garage or room to keep the blowing hair contained or some fresh out doors for the birds to enjoy building nests with your Samoyeds hair and you are good to go! Of course you can find yourself a groomer, who is NOT going to put your Samoyed in a cage dryer, as an untrained groomer will and then pick up the phone to call you and tell you that your Samoyed who was not matted when you dropped him off to be groomed, is now matted to the skin and they must shave him off! That's a story I hear way too much, and should be avoided if your Samoyed is taken to a groomer who knows how to groom a double coated dog. I would rather groom a Samoyed any day over a doodle or Standard Poodle, and the cost is the same or less.

White Magic Sammies

White Magic Samoyeds is the name of my breeding program/kennel, but over many devoted years of breeding we have a certain type and style of Samoyed that you could literally call a brand of Samoyed. It takes just one look to recognize a Samoyed bred by White Magic Samoyeds. The characteristics of my White Magic Samoyed breeding program are obvious and should take your breath away! You will see when looking at other Samoyeds bred from different kennels they will have a different style and look as we breeders call, "Breed Type". Surf the web and see for yourself.

My style of Samoyed may not be what you are looking for, and that's all good as that's what makes this world a special and wonderful place. I have this magical example of a Samoyed in my head, and that's what I try to breed for when I do a breeding and start the next generation.

There are big Samoyeds, small Samoyeds, Samoyeds with big ears, small ears, long noses, short noses, big coats, short coats, light eyes, dark eyes, light pink pigment, black/dark pigment, short tails, long tails, long legs, short legs, long bodies, short bodies, round eyes, almond eyes, protruding eyes, deep set eyes. I can go on and on, but these different traits are what make the Samoyed a breed of dog, but I have chosen to take these certain traits and breed as true and correct to the breed standard as possible an adding a touch of my own personal White Magic passion.

A White Magic Samoyed puppy is a product of commitment that has endured the test of time and commitment with the final results are a brand of Samoyed due to a secret recipe that is driven by passion and love of the breed to produce the finest quality Samoyeds in the World. "Once your soul has been touched by a Samoyed it is hard to switch to any other breed of dog. Samoyeds are truly the World's best kept secret!