White Magic Samoyeds

Samoyeds are good watch dogs.

Kodiak Photo Gallery

Danby and Kodiak Celebrating As Always! Danby and Kodiak Enjoying Halloween in Real Style! Danby and Kodiak Working Away!
Danby and Kodiak Posing For Business Danby at 4 Months of Age with Kodiak who is about a year Old Kodiak and Danby with the Shop Kitty Working Away
Kodiak at 8 Weeks with his new Toys Kodiak and his Cousin Jasmine at the Big E practicing for future dog shows Kodiak and Daddy Crush at the Big E Dog Shows
Kodiak and Phil and Then Sakira and Lindsay and Dennis with Mirage and Mika all littermates Phil and Kodiak When he was about 4 months Old Kodiak Winners Dog February 21, 2016
Kodiak Winners Dog February 20, 2016 Kodiak Winners Dog Queensboro KC October 24, 2015 Kodiak Winners Dog Naugatuck Valley KC July 3, 2014

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